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Animals living in Bory Tucholskie

The area of Bory Tucholskie Landscape Park is inhabited by numerous species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and fishes. Even though, we will not meet a big aurochs, lazy brown bear, or a big yak here. Yaks were one of the main inhabitants of the Bory Tucholskie area. This enormous animal, being the pride of surrounding wilderness will not return here anymore. Moreover, it is hard to say something positive about the possibilities to return of brown bears and aurochs too. However, beavers, which have not been present here earlier – with a small help of humans – have started to conquer new lands. Among all animals, deer can be considered as the king of Bory Tucholskie. One can observe it early after sunset or late at night. Roes are inhibiting the surrounding forest areas in large numbers. Herds of roes live on the borders of wilderness, flat meadows located inside the forests. Moses and fallow deer are present here seasonally too. Boars are very common animals, which can be easily encountered in almost every part of the landscape park, especially on areas where many oaks are around. The wolf is undoubtedly the biggest scavenger. Packs of wolves are frequently visible in Bory Tucholskie during long and cold winters. There are more animals inhabiting the area, like fox, common marten, polecat and otter, habitat of which is located near the Brda River. Muskrats and grubbers can be easily spotted close to lakes and riverbanks. Squirrels and dormice have their houses located on the trees. While observing the undergrowth and litter layers of forests, ginger voles and big-eyed forest mice are the most common species of animals. In the areas of meadows situated in the middle of forests common mice and voles can be frequently observed and in the case of riverbanks – ginger voles and Eurasian harvest mice. Common rabbit is the frequent inhabitant of meadows, fields, and bushes. During summer seasons, pheasants and partridges are visiting this area. Green and black woodpeckers can be also included in the category of Bory Tucholskie’s popular animals. One should not also forget about daytime scavengers, including buzzards, hawks and sparrow hawks, as well as white eagles, kites – ginger and red ones, and falcons – common kestrel and Eurasian hobby. Nighttime scavengers on the area of Bory Tucholskie are eagle-owls, owls, and barn owls.

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